Monday, August 18, 2008

Summer Post...delinquent blogger returns!

I've once again been a delinquent blogger for about four months. No excuses. Just a lot of running around and transition these past few months, with more to come in the next few weeks.

Since last posting, I've moved away from Ann Arbor (defended my dissertation proposal before doing so), been hanging back in the Bay with the folks, took a short trip to Mexico with my Mom, a short trip to Hawaii to do research and look for fall housing, a short trip to Pasadena to present that research (with the fabulous company of Miss V) and am now back in the Bay gearing up for another big move in September.

I plan to be a better blogger once I get settled in Honolulu, and hopefully with a new camera (yet to be purchased) can illustrate my postings with some photos of the new digs.

Another thing I've been doing this month is watching lots of olympics and consequently have become (along with everyone else) a Phelps-fan!


Dolce Vita said...

Welcome back (again). I'm so glad you're going to keeping us posted when you go back to Hawai'i because I can't wait to see pictures and get stories. What is the real Honolulu like? (And Hawai'i for that matter.)

kungfuramone said...

It's easy to like a guy who always wins, isn't it? :]

How did the Hawaiian house-hunt go?

SuperJew said...

I have to say that anyone who is badass enough to start a new adjective/adverb that equates to being a badass "Phelpsian" deserves a groupie following right?

I hit the jackpot on housing in Hawaii (after seeing many many other not so appealing places). I scored a spot that's about a two minute walk to the U library and right near a busline, and is "somewhat" affordable. You and B have to come see me when you're back in Cali! We'd have so much fun!

Rachel said...

yeah, and Phelps seems to down to earth about it - like Usain Bolt is also amazing, but he seems super full of himself. Congrats on finishing in michigan!

Cabiria said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic summer and congrats on the sweet housing! Yay for being ABD!