Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Happy Place

So I'm still trying to get settled into my apartment so that it feels a bit homier, and I don't continue to feel like a dissertating nomad. It's tough at the moment because I am couchless (waiting on a freebie from my landlord that has gotten delayed, as she's waiting on her new replacement). So there's still no real comfy place to relax in my apartment, but I've come to love my lanai, which I've filled with tropical plants, flowers and herbs to keep my company. It's my happy place. After three years of below zero winters in Michigan, I must say that I'm definitely taking full advantage of the ability to drink my coffee and read my paper outside; with the only deterrence from staying there all day is when it gets too sunny and I have to go find shade elsewhere...oh and that whole needing to collect materials at the archive thing. Doh!